Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How is Apache Hadoop used Big Data Analytics and Inteligence

Big Data Analytics - Usage of Apache Hadoop / What is the use of Apache Hadoop in an Analytical Project

There are various ways Apache Hadoop is used in a Big Data Project.  +Hortonworks latest report
  • Data Refinery Pattern
  • Data Exploratory Pattern
  • Application Enrichment Pattern
In Data Refinery - Hadoop is used for Cleansing up the data and sending the output (probably as aggregation / refinement) to the Enterprise Data Warehouse which might be +Oracle +SQLServer etc

In Data Exploration pattern - data is analysed in Hadoop environment, using Hive etc. and the results are shared with the Applications. There are many Big Data Visualization Tools that provide good reports. There are some Open Source tools like Pentaho Business Intelligence Studio that offers Big Data Visualization and Reports

In Application Enrichment Pattern the entire data is stored in Apache Hadoop. For example, the Web session is stored in Hadoop and appropriate actions are taken based on the user's web navigation .

These are some broad classification of the use of +Apache Hadoop


  1. Big Data Development teams can quickly build big data applications without the headache and time commitment of custom data infrastructure development and maintenance.

  2. The importance of Big Data for organizations worldwide has become a crucial part and it necessitates the sorting and analyzing in a structured manner. It is believed that by doing so, important projections and predictions for the future regarding market trends and business patterns may be a concrete possibility since numbers have never known to lie. However, about 80% of this data lies unstructured and must be formatted in a manner which would make it conducive for data mining and analysis. In context, it may be best understood that Hadoop is the core platform for structuring managing the Big Data, and that it solves the problem of making it useful for analytical purposes.


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