Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How to Segment Social Media Users (Influencers / Detractors / Recommenders)

Segmentation of Social Media Influencers

We have seen in the past about the Retail Specific Segmentation Standards and also some Segmentation Tools that help to achieve that.

Here we would delve bit deep into segmenting the social media users.

Behavioral Segmentation of Social Media Users

Social media users are classified as shown by the Klout Influencer Matrix given below

Depending on the Need / Goal, one can select the specific segment of users. IBM's Social Analytics Tool (SPSS) helps to identify the following from Social Data

  • Influencers
  • Recommenders
  • Detractors
The above combined with customer and transaction data would give necessary insights into customer behavior

Merging Social Data with CRM / Customer Data

The social users can also be segmented by demographics, geographics, which would provide information that might not be captured in CRM (for example, +Microsoft Dynamics ERP )

The 7 elements of social data

Sandile Mayambala a digital analyst as come up with the following combinations

  • demographic
  • product
  • psychographic
  • behavioral
  • referrals
  • location
  • intention

It may not be possible to get all data points for every customer. In that case the data is normalized and analyzed

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  2. This article is very interesting and helpful. Thank you for sharing!


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