Thursday, 28 March 2013

How to Deliver Next Best Action (NBAs) in Real-Time

How to create Location-based Real-Time Next Best Offers (NBOs)

NBAs are supposed to understand the customer's need and fulfil them even before he/she wants to act on it.

The main purpose of the NBA/NBO is to happen real-time. With the advent of smartphones delivering the Action in appropriate location and time is now easy.

Any Long distance passenger have to wait for few hours for the connecting flight; The Airline knows the customer’s demographic info, location, time (both are very much accurate) - a good amount of info for Analytics

The data of all passengers are fed to Analytical system and their past travel history, lounge purchases, social habits and syndicate data is crunched to figure out the need for each passenger. The needs are then matched with the Offerings of the Airline's partners (Hotels, Boutiques, Spas) in that particular airport and appropriate recommendations are created

Real-Time Next Best Offer (NBO) Flow

Timely message / offer is sent to passenger’s mobile phone (e.g., offer on antique jewelry in Airport boutique ) based on the time/location and her Inflight purchase/interaction behaviour. The last part - knowing his/her immediate purchase/interaction is more important. This is fed into the Analytical system to validate against the recommendaion that are waiting to be delivered - the recommendations are refreshed and delivered. This is what makes the 'Offer' - Real-time (Right Product/Service)

The above example uses Mobile Phone as the Delivery Channel. Please refer What are the key channels to be considered for Promotions for other Channels.

The omni-channel world requires product information to be managed consistently. The main focus areas are
• Provide consistent data across all channels and update the information real-time
• Offer product information at the right time and place;
• Compile a complete data set and deliver rich, unique data;
• Optimum utilization of social media information

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