Monday, 20 May 2013

How to Get Sales Leads from Analyzing Web Data

Web Pattern Analysis for Identifying Prospects and Products

Web is an abundant source of information. The trails left behind by online shoppers / browsers are as part of Web Log, Click Stream data etc.

This data along with Social Media is fed to the Analytical model which analyses the trend and identifies potential customers / products that can be promoted

There are many companies /retailers that are using Special algorithms / tools to crawl the web and derive useful insights.

Some specialized companies like Palo Alto based Infer ( offer an analysis software that can be linked to CRM system like SalesForce ( and rank the customer

Infer's ranking system uses more than 150 signals , which includes many data feeds - Census, Job Boards, Tweets , Facebook Likes and Comments

There are many algorithms that help in analysing the Facebook data

OpenGraph API is one of them

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