Monday, 20 May 2013

How to Predict Employee Churn using analytics

How to Know if an Employee is going to Quit before he does

Internal Spies! Yes this was one of the credible source of information. The spies are equipped with some extraordinary talent to grasp information from various sources / relate and then report / conclude (usually she/he leaves this to the boss)

With Lean management .. the human source of information is trimmed and put into better use (really!)

There are various data points that need to be captured to Analyse Employee Churn (We had already spoken a lot about Customer Churn in Customer Attrition Modeling (Analytics))

  • Current and Previous Appraisals (this might be a major source)
  • Current Pay ?(vis-à-vis Peers and Market)
  • Grievances / Issues Reported
  • Deviation in Time spent in Office
  • Frequency (change) of swipe pattern changes
  • Frequency (change) in access to internal information (Intranet etc.)
  • Job sites / Social Sites visit patterns (some offices have banned them)
  • Feedback from Peers
  • Feedback from Supervisors
This list will go on .. Social Media data ...

Employee Churn is costly for the company. It takes months / years to replace the employee with a new one by adequate training etc

Thanks to data analysis, there are tools that help the companies to understand the employees, predict churn and help the manager in retaining the employee (that is the ultimate goal)

SumTotal's Talent Management System is one such system that helps the HR 

Utlimate Software ( has a tool called Retention Predictor
(TM) for predicting customer Churn


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