Monday, 14 October 2013

Advanced Analytics in Learning / Education / Writing / Research

How will Analytics help Education in Schools and Colleges

Educational institutions (Schools and Colleges) are a good place for Analytics - for they have data for analyzing. However, very few colleges / schools use the data mining to get the insights on their students. 

Declara is an intelligent social learning platform - Fo+Ramona Pierson and +Nelson Gonzalez the products has the advanced analytics that helps understand how people learn, what content they use or generate, and which peers and mentors help them the most. Insights from these analytics help in improving the learning and also enable content providers to refine their products and organizational leaders to make smarter decisions. As people learn, Declara learns!  

How to Predict a Best Seller (Book) Algorithmically

Analytics can help the publisher identify a best seller from the language and style of the writing (from the manuscripts)

According to a recent research by Association of Computational Linguistics, the writing style of books was correlated with the success of the book. The researchers used a process called statistical stylometry, a statistical analysis of literary styles in several genres of books and identified characteristic stylistic elements more common in successful tomes than unsuccessful ones.

Sentiment Analysis To Determine bias in Articles / Publications of an Author

Its seldom possible to be neutral as a journalist. We all have some bias for / against someone / something or some corporation. +Rami Nuseir in his article on Strange uses of Sentimental Analysis explains the use of technique to identify the bias of an author based on previous articles. A plugin created using +Semantria analyses previous works of an author and scores the same based on their neutrality. This prediction helps the reader to identify the correct material

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