Saturday, 8 June 2013

Read then Follow Now - How to Chose Right Channel - Using Social Media Analytics

Derive Customer Insights from Social Media Information by Big Data Analytics

Not so long before people (or customers) read newspapers, browsed magazines, visited libraries . Then came Web - people browsed, then came the +Amazon Kindle Fire a Book library in your hands. Now it's an era of Social Media where +LinkedIn , +Twitter and +Facebook have made them as Followers!

Yes people follow a lot - +The Boston Globe , and +Bloomberg News is available on Twitter and Facebook. You can subscribe, follow them . You can follow +CIO , +TechCrunch if you are a technology geek. If you are a marketer then +marketingprofs might be in your following list, +Nike and +adidas will be for a Sports geek

So what these tells us .. in the first place it gives some understanding about the customer's behaviour. Why is this so important for any marketer.

Social Media, Marketing and Segmentation

Marketers now use Social media extensively for communicating with their customers. They also use the massive volume of Tweets, Likes to get more insights about the customer.

A simple analysis carried out by a Watch manufacturer shows that those who have bought their premium watches are followers of  GeorgeMichael (+GEORGEMICHAELORG GMORG) Is it time to tap them?

How to Merge Social and Customer Data

Clustering or Segmentation of the data using a combination of Customer, Transactional and Social data is beneficial as it will find homogenous groups.

To arrive at the point - Social media data needs to be aggregated. This is where Big Data comes into picture (Refer How is Apache Hadoop used Big Data Analytics and Inteligence ). Companies like +Hortonworks , +Cloudera Inc provide Hadoop clusters where Social media data can be crunched to get the relevant information out.

Here care must be taken to include/excluded Social data as segmentation variable as it has huge potential to skew the result

Social media information can be used either as :

  • Segmentation Variable
  • Interpretation variable
The cluster profiling would reveal the impact of the social data. For example, a Retailer found that customers who retweet have constantly responded to a type of promotion. Share your own experiences

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