Thursday, 28 March 2013

What are the key channels to be considered for Promotions

How to Find Right Channel for NBO

One of the key feature of Next Best Offer is to provide the right promotion through Right Channel. It is worth to listdown the channels that should be considered normally.

  • call centers
  • direct mail
  • email
  • in-store display
  • in-store staff
  • kiosks
  • mobile devices
  • POS receipts
  • web recommendations
The Channels are not limited to the above.

Tools and Metrics to Understand Mobile Data

Mobile users contribute to more than half the percentage of traffic for many Retailers. The Mobile shopping, however hasn't grown with equal pace

Mobile Data Analytics involves collecting, understanding and reporting the insights based on Mobile data

Mobile Data Collection: 

Collecting mobile data has its own challenges. The variety of devices and the Applications prevent a standards for mobile data collection technique

Tags are key for Mobile Data Mining. Tags are small piece of code embedded inside the apps which relay information back to the provider

Mobile Websites (mobile version of websites) are similar to the normal Website but light weight and simple design for mobile.

Real-Time Next Best Action Based on Mood - Voice Analytics

Real Time Delivery of Offer is always a challenge, whatever the Channel might be. It's even challenging in Call Centrer where the CCE (Call Center Executive) is talking to the customer over phone. Now, Computational Voice analysis is helping the executives identify the mood of the customer on the other end. This is also called as emotion detection / mood detection

Identifying the mood of the customer can help drive more insights into the customer herself. Yuval Mor, the CEO of Beyond Verbal the company which has created mood detection algorithms for call centers says the program can also pinpoint and influence how consumers make decisions. “If this person is an innovator, you want to offer the latest and greatest product,” Mr. Mor says. “If this person is a more conservative person, you don’t want to offer the latest and greatest, but something tried and true.”

The company is also providing APIs for developers to develop Emotional rich apps

+Flurry, Inc., which had been an App analytics platform developer has extended it to Mobile Web as well

Email Marketing - An effective tool till date

Email marketing has been and remains a primary marketing lever for businesses," said Geoff Alexander, +iContact . It's always been a tool and with Dynamic Messaging (Hope your remember Microsoft's Bing campaign)

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