Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How to Find Social Influencers using analytics

How to Identify the best influencers from a given data

Who are these Social Influencers ?

One can associate a Social Influencer with :

One who has the maximum followers
One whose opinion is considered by his social circle (who can influence others easily)
One who creates and shares content regularly
One who makes most calls; accepts most calls etc

Benefits of identifying Social Influencers

Identifying influential persons within a circle will help the marketers expand the business; for example, they might be selected for a Test Drive (as Ford did), evaluate a product/service (Beta Programs from Microsoft etc), conduct surveys and thereby spread the word.

How to Identify the Influencers

Identifying Influencers is a broader statement. There are scores like Klout score etc available to weigh the influence of one in social media

The Klout score is an useful one for Social Media

However, a more deep data mining exercise would be more helpful. This would be more helpful than a specific score as the business goal of the datamining would pave the way for the most appropriate social influencers for a goal.

For example, if a Telecom group wants to acquire (poach in fact) new customers, it can identify customers who are good influencers and whose circle/friends are from different telecom network etc.

Building a robust dataset is very important. One needs to collect all possible information (from the call records - CDRs ) and roll-up the same for each customer,

Once the Data is created, one can use Supervised learning techniques or Link analysis to find the best scoring customers.

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