Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sports Analytics - Use of Big Data Analytics in Sports

Sports Analytics - The next use case for Big Data Analytics

Sportsmen and Sportswoman are not data mines, their actions are supposed to be based on fitness, confidence and skills and are supposed to be subjective.

Not anymore. Though their height, weight and the fitness were measured earlier .. the new Big Data analytics stores every

SaberMetrics - the Bellwether 

Billy Beane - Oakland Athletics general manager and baseball guru - used metrics to choose baseball players. He used an evidence-based analytics approach called sabermetrics to pick certain “diamond in the rough” players for his team. These players were evaluated by situational and predictive metrics, rather than common stats like home runs and batting average, representing a significant shift in the way the baseball industry established their teams.

THere are many sports and games wHere analytiCs an Help, for example, Tennis

Understanding tHe player's potential would Help the manager fine tune the player

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