Thursday, 4 July 2013

Location Based Predictive Analysis using Crowd/Social Data - Traffic Congestion Analytics / Parking Space Analytics

How to use Social/Location data for Big Data Analytics / Real-Time analytics

The real use of Analytics is slowly emerging. This time let's review some Mobile Apps build using +Android, Apple and +Windows Phone

Parko - an App to find the Parking spot uses the user's mobile behaviour and predicts when the user will vacate the spot and alerts the other drivers who have registered. The behavioural analytics is the USP of Parko

+Waze - that was recently acquired by +Google, Inc. uses real-time information from nearby drivers to find the best path. It is basically a GPS-based navigational app which uses turn-by-turn navigation and the historical user-submitted travel times and route details

The +Traveling Salesman algorithm can be tested here.

Real-time analytics need Big Data infrastructure where companies like +Cloudera and +Hortonworks play a key part. With Internet of Things gaining popularity the Apps will be replaced by the Cars itself. Some models from +Ford Motors  have the chips that can be used to relay Vehicle information to a central repository, which can be instantaneously mined and their insights reported/shared.

This also needs a co-ordinate approach from the government / local body. The results from the analytics is not just for the drivers - it can help the Local police plan Signals appropriately, the Schools and Hospitals can plan their routes.

Location based analytics also involves predicting the behaviour of the user based on his/her current navigation.

Geo Fencing in Marketing

Geofencing is the new buzzword for location based marketing.  The success of FourSquare has led to location based analytics and marketing. Location based marketing needs to take care of

  • Delimiting Geofencing Perimeter
  • Analyze Perimeter Segments
  • Data Integration (Location with Transactional and Customer data)
  • Location sensitive content / message / offer creation
  • Privacy Filtering
  • Location based Delivery

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